What?! No more diapers? Ever?!

So Dan is getting Quinton ready for bed last night and says to him, "Quinton, you are doing such a good job being a big boy and going potty, we don't even need diapers for bed anymore." I am startled. Surely this is something in the realm of my decision making - you know, me, the CEO of our house and children. (Of course, Dan is right - the child hasn't had a wet diaper at night since, like, July). I let it fly, realizing I am clinging, desperately and foolishly, to the last little evidence of babyhood in our family. There really is something so satisfying and ooshy-gooshy-snuggly about a little diapered butt padding about. OK, maybe I just feel that way, but I suspect some of my favorite mommies feel the same. But seriously, where are my baby boys? I swear they were just here a moment ago. I may have to keep a fresh bag of pampers around to just occasionally get a whiff of the baby powder smell. You know - in those moments of sentimental mommy madness. Speaking of Quinton, he arrived in our bed at 1:30 a.m. last night with a fever. I do so hate the feel of a little overheated body. It's happened a million times, but I think if will always scare me a bit. He's better, perky and happy this morning and I am a bit of a dead mommy. A disappointed dead mommy, as Q & I are missing the last day of school before half-term break for a week. I normally would have gone in to help for the day. Elliot, the amazing trooper that he is, took the news of our absence and the change in schedule in stride. A bit of disappointment, and then bucked right up. What a great kid.

I spent last evening at my friend Annie's house for a girls' night in and a bit of pampering from her friend who is selling "Virgin Vie" products. I have to mention it because I was so struck again by all these amazing and interesting people. Around the room were women from England, Ireland, America, Israel, Malaysia and Greece. I find myself enjoying just observing, and taking it all in. And although we were all so different, we were all exactly the same. Chatting about our children, makeup, husbands, work, etc. Like I said on the phone to my girlfriend Karalyn the other day - everything is different and absolutely nothing has changed.