May we always feel this full.

I write from Spy House Coffee Shop just down from school - home to free wi-fi and a glorious latte. I am killing time (what a horrible expression - I'll swap it for a favorite - I'm "loitering with intent") until it is time for me to go and retrieve Arlene, Kristin and Chloe from the airport. I am very excited, as we have not seen Chloe for a year and she is almost two - much change has occurred! Not to mention some more time with Dan's mom and sister. I reflect on the week and I am still spinning a bit. It was filled with some anxiety-filled autistic days, as well as an abundance of love, goodness and a few birthday celebrations. Elliot rang in seven in a way only he could, and we had the pleasure of getting to know some of his classmates and their parents a bit better at the school Bike-A-Thon. This community of people has been very warm, kind and welcoming, and we are quite thankful for this place and the lovely way it has enveloped our lives.

The week was too big and full to capture in much detail, but I will end with the birthday blessing said at Elliot's school celebration, each part said aloud as one of seven candles was lit:

"May you always be healthy, may you always be warm, may you always be surrounded by friends, just as you are now, may you always be full of joy, may you always have purpose, may you always work for good, and may your own wishes come true."

Amen to that.