We Are Family

Darcie's gameday
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Well hello again, virtual world. I have been busy for a couple weeks keeping company with various relatives, first with a visit from Dan's sister, niece and mom, followed by my parents for Grandparents Day at school and the installation of two new windows in our home by Handyman Extraordinaire Neil. We have been to the apple orchard and to Marshall, MN for my nephew Tyler's college football game at SMSU. We have had yet another birthday party. We have been sons, grandsons, daughters, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles and cousins. We've had oodles of fun. We've also been exhausted and cranky. We've been.......BUSY.

I sit now with 30 minutes of quiet until the cleaners arrive. Dan took the boys to school this morning, and my parents departed after my dad put the finishing touches on the windows. And then I did something crazy - I took a shower and SHAVED MY LEGS.

Next up - Halloween and painting the living room.