With Advent Joy & North Carolina Thanksgiving

Don't hate me for it, but I'm getting an obscene amount of sleep.  We are in the beautiful mountains of NC, here to celebrate Thanksgiving and kick off the Advent season.  This morning we woke to a light blanket of snow, an idyllic way to end our trip.  We have been eating, playing games, watching holiday movies and visiting, visiting, visiting.  You know you've reached a certain age when you not only start using the word "visit," but actually thoroughly enjoy the action.  On Friday we jump started Advent two days early with a small version of an Advent spiral downstairs, as the boys are missing theirs at school.  We each lit our candles and placed them on the spiral of greens, celebrating our inner light in the darkest time of the year.  Then Elliot read aloud the Advent story amidst the candlelight, while we all sat quietly and listened, even our two year old niece, Chloe.  He did such a beautiful and expressive job that we were all moved, and thoroughly absorbed a rare peaceful moment during this hectic time of year.