Four Year Old Love

Q trims our tree
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Here is my Q-Q, helping to trim our Christmas tree. He is an industrious little soul, always in search of a job and some "work." He is also still as scrumptious as when he was babe, and as long as I keep his hands busy we get along just fine. Today I was doing some holiday baking after picking him up from school, and just the two of us were hanging out in the kitchen.

Q: Mommy, why are you Daddy's wife?
Me: Because Daddy and I fell in love and decided to get married.
Q (starting to wimper): But I don't WANT you to be Daddy's wife!
Me (startled by his sudden sadness): Well . . . why not, baby?
Q (really crying now): Because I need you to play with me!

Oh my. I took him for a cuddle after that one, as he clearly needed some of my attention and love. This is one advantage of being a mother of boys - for a small amount of time you get to be their one and only true love.