Happy Birthday, Nana!!

Nana Turns 93

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This fantastic photo is Dan's Nana, or to my boys, Great Nana Mae. She turned 93 on December 8th and can you even stand how fabulous she looks? Nana is about 3 1/2 feet tall, talks with a Staten Island accent and is as sassy as ever. In fact, she's so darn adorable I want to pop her in my mouth like a sweetie and gobble her up whenever we see her, which is way too infrequently. To top it off, she still lives independently in Florida with her boyfriend Merle - who I believe is 97! What an amazing life - we love & miss you, Nana!

In other non-news, 'tis the season and I'm NOT stressed out. Hate me if you want, but I am practically jolly. We are healthy, taking our time with shopping and our favorite holiday activities, and refusing all Grinch & Scrooge-like behavior. Except for Dan, who is the local Grinch but happens to be ever so cute about it. I have decked my halls, jingled my bells, caroled at the top of my lungs in my kitchen and delivered Christmas treats. I have made time for exercise and friends, and felt joyful doing it. Even autism seems to have tamed itself a bit inside Elliot's body, allowing for a more relaxed and peaceful existence for him.

Now maybe this is the result of some sort of denial-ridden bubble I keep myself in, but I like to think it is the result of choosing to enjoy the season each day and all the madness it brings. But now I fully expect after putting this out there (especially in writing!) that we will succumb to the stomach flu and some other disaster will befall the family. But for now - ho, ho, ho!! And much peace to you and yours now and in the new year.