Rox the Elephant, Iggle Piggle and Lambie Lou. Don't hate them because they're beautiful and their names are fab. And you're not allowed to laugh because Iggle Piggle's ears make him look like he's going to take off or because Lambie Lou, poor dear, looks suspiciously like a cat.

These sweet friends were hand-knitted by Elliot, Quinton and myself, then stuffed with organic sheep's wool. How Waldorf of us. In all sincerity, Elliot learned how to finger knit at school and he was a big help on the collars and tails. I was impressed. And both boys had fun stuffing, of course.

We offer these creatures up as penance to the Waldorf police, to avoid them coming to the flat and reprimanding us for all the TV we've been watching on half-term break from school.