Reflections & Ramblings

Well here I sit, a quiet house, taking what I call a "Mommy's Day Off."  I have not lifted a finger to do anything but for myself today, and in a few moments I will join Steph for yoga.  The holiday busy-ness, while wonderful, sent me a bit energy negative.  My fab husband has learned to rise to the occasion when I declare the need for a break, and has embraced it today.  The children delivered me breakfast in bed, complete with the fixin's for my coffee to stir up myself, as I like to have it "just so."  I was stunned and savored every bite, sip and extra moment in bed.  Sigh.  They make me nuts but oh how I love my men. The holidays were cozy-good, initiated by magical Wisconsin Christmas snow and ending with a thud with Quinton's ear infection.  But we are forgetting that portion as all the time in between was lovely, lovely, lovely.  We relaxed at Grammy & Papoo's, had movie outings with cousins, and enjoyed more than a few jolly moments at the Mickelson House of Merriment (my new name for my sister's house).

A new year has arrived, with all the uncertainty of the current economic conditions but also with the memories of an incredible 2008.  I have friends to treasure on both sides of the Atlantic, a school in which I am thrilled each day to send my children, good health and a family bursting with love.  I have watched my autistic son work through the anxiety-ridden beginnings of 1st grade and arrive to the middle of his journey there with friends, joy, personal insight and confidence.  I have watched my four year old exert his independence with astonishing energy, charm and success.  Their latest accomplishment - ice skating.  I was filled with that "taking first steps" mommy pride as I watched them both work, work, work for a whole hour on their new skates.  I sat back with quiet tears and admired Elliot as he skated off with his friend Leo, chatting and playing games while he fell, got up, fell and got up again.

I wonder with growing curiosity what 2009 will bring.  Will I start working outside the home?  Will Steph & I become six-days-a-week yoga practitioners?  Will Quinton finally get stitches?  Will Dan find the adventure he craves?  Will Elliot write his own musical?  We'll see......yes, we'll see.