Sick of the Sick

Ugh. We all have colds, and it feels like it has been forever. The boys started about three weeks ago with something going around school, and then Dan shared some lovely bug from the office. I thought my super-duper immune system had fended it off, but alas, I have succumb. It's a chorus of coughing around here. A symphony of sniffling. It's so predictable every year at this time. The kids go back to school, and whammo....we're sick. Quinton seems to be better, and back to his loving, sweet self. Very refreshing. Elliot is feeling better, but is now feeling just well enough to be really cranky about not feeling 100%. Irritability, impatience and agitation seem to be dominating his emotional state. This is not fun, especially combined with my fatigue from sleepless nights.

But we can't complain too much. I'm thankful to have pretty healthy kids who can almost always kick these bugs without visits to the doctor.  I just had to whine a little.