Gettin' Our Yoga On

Steph & I have made a rather big (at least for us, anyway) and committed decision recently to be the best yogis we can be.  Primarily this means forgoing other intentional exercise in favor of hitting our yoga mats six days a week.  Yep - six.  This is how the yogis do it.  We are in our 3rd (or is it 4th???) week and there are definite yet subtle results.  My body has a constant fatigue - the good kind.  The kind that makes you relish pulling the covers up at night like you are sinking into a haven of goodness.  (I do really love my bed).  My muscles are sore, but not too sore.  I feel strong.  I feel light.  I feel more present.  And when I don't feel light and present we practice anyway - having what we call a "moving through wet cement" day.  My mat is a place of calm, breath and moving meditation.  I LOVE it.  Here's how it goes - Steph or I arrive at each other's door between 5:00 and 5:30.  We let each other know how wretched of an hour it is to be up and that we are tired.  We take inventory of all other complaints and joys.  We light the incense to make our room feel more like the studio.  We dim lights.  We unroll our mats.  We walk to the top.  We look at each other, smirk, and say a half-hearted "om" - which is always good for a chuckle.  And then we move.  Sometimes we are silent minus breathing for an hour.  Sometimes we chatter the whole time.  It doesn't matter - we're on our mats. Thank you, lovely and beautiful Steph, for time on the mat and being present with me.  Om shanti, namaste.