Single Parenting Captain Underpants

Cousins in D.C.

Dan's been traveling for work....a lot.  Well, 50% of the time anyway, which for some is light but for us is more than the usual.   This will continue on through March, so I've been doing a healthy amount of single parenting.  We're doing okay with it, I think.  I basically turn into Drill Sargeant Mommy while he's away, and run a pretty darn tight ship.  This is mostly successful, but Drill Sargeant Mommy is just really not so fun, so we are all delighted with the return of Fun Daddy's energy, which then of course brings along with it the welcome return of Relaxed Mommy.

While we were in D.C. a few weeks ago the boys' cousin Kevin (pictured above with Cousin Emily and the boys) passed along all his Captain Underpants books to Elliot.  These books are quite hysterical to the young boy breed, as they are potent with bathroom humor.  Highly energized stories of how Captain Underpants, in his uniform of cape and well....underpants, battles interesting and deeply developed characters such as Wedgie Woman and the hairy toilet with monster eyes and jaws.  Elliot and Quinton find these books extremely titillating, and we now have a house bursting at the seams with bathroom talk.  Yes, blog friends, come on over for rich conversation on vomit, diarrhea, farting, wedgies, peeing on socks (apparently this a wonderful method for warming your feet) and lets not forget the plain old-fashioned poop.

My mother-in-law Arlene told me once that there is nothing sillier than a 7 year old boy.  I'm here to testify that this is the truest statement she's ever made.