They're here!

Our first visitors have arrived, and we couldn't be more excited! Quinton & I went to Gatwick to pick up my parents this morning, and aside from being very tired they seem to have made the trip just fine. They will be here for two weeks, and it feels so good to have some of our peeps with us. Mom was in tears upon arrival, the result of Quinton's smile and dimples, I'm sure. Dad did not sleep the whole flight, so he is napping downstairs before we go get Elliot from school. This is their first trip abroad, and I feel very privileged and thankful to be experiencing it with them. This weekend we are taking a holiday to the Normandy region of France to tour the WWII sites. We will be renting a car to go, which should prove itself interesting. It will be a British car, steering wheel on right, but once we get to France we will be driving on the right side of the road. Dan insists he should drive, so we'll all send up a few prayers! We will take the Eurotunnel, which goes under the English Channel, and then drive down the north coast of France to our final destination, Bayeux, where we will stay for three nights. Details and pictures to come! For now, we will try to get the Grammy & Papoo Show over their jet lag. What troopers they are.