A Mouse Tale

Below is the email I sent off to our yoga instructor, Margaret, this morning after Steph and I attempted to get together for some much needed post-vacation yoga. Dearest Margaret, Steph & I planned to finally get together this morning and do some yoga at her house, as Kristian is out of town.  Here's how it went: Text from Steph at 5:30 a.m. stating all three kids were already awake and would I please come anyway for moral support. I arrive at 6 a.m.  Steph nearly in tears, Crew, having been up since 4:30, happily playing and Sadie almost back asleep on the sofa. From 6-6:30 we catch up.  We discuss getting in some sun salutations, only to be interrupted by a dramatic solo appearance of the mouse, of which Steph is deathly-about-to-hyper-ventilate afraid, who has decided to take up residence in her living room vent. From 6:30 - 7:30 we hunt and chase the mouse around her living room, only to find our valiant efforts unsuccessful. At 7:15 we make plans to send Dan over later to deal with crafty rodent. At 7:30 I need to leave.  I abandon best friend to her tired children and new housemate. Does the intention of yoga count??  :-)  Ah, this IS the stuff of life, isn't it?  What a riot. Namaste, Darcie