And They're Off

Well, just as anticipated my parent's visit came and went in a flash. I put them in their car this morning off to Gatwick, with way fewer tears than our last parting. I'm very thankful for the treasured visit we just had. Days filled to the brim with new memories. Including Quinton last night with Dad in the living room - "Papoo, do you have a penis?" "What?! Do I have a peanut?" "No, a penis." "Yes, I do." "Can I see it?" "No." Seriously. You can't make this stuff up.

However, my siblings are going to harass me for sure for the condition in which my parents are returning home. We took such phenomenal care of them the whole visit, and then yesterday it suddenly went all to hell. Mom fell and hurt her knee on the boys' school's lantern walk, and Dad awoke complaining of lower right abdominal pain. I quickly asked the "let's-rule-out-appendix-and-intestinal-blockage-issues" questions, and was relieved with the answers. However, a visit to the doctor may be in his future. I swear, we did our best to send them back in good condition! A phone message from my sister (I called to warn) already confirmed the impending harassment.

So hear I sit back in my quiet flat, with that relaxed but melancholy feeling one always has after days of hustle and bustle with dear loved ones. Thanks, Mom & Dad, for a wonderful few days.