Could it be?

I'm definitely not going to say it very loudly at risk of it not being true.....but I think I have friends. And I don't mean the lovely acquaintances I've made since arriving in London, I mean real girlfriends. The kind who make fun of you for being foreign, who want to bring you soup when you don't feel well, or to whom you can tell that your children have diarrhea and you're sick of cleaning the toilet. The kind who make you throw your head back with an endorphin-filled belly laugh. Yesterday Quinton went to his first drop-in gymnastics class at the YMCA a block from our flat. Three of the moms I know from school and their kids were there as well. We enjoyed tea in the cafe while watching the happy kiddos bounce around the gym, and then I had them all over for an impromptu pizza play date. What a fun time. Today I had coffee and breakfast with another friend after school drop-off and before a haircut. Another really fulfilling visit. It practically feels normal, whatever that means. What more does a girl need? Some good girlfriends and a proper haircut go a long way toward happiness.