A Charlie Brown Christmas - London Style

Here are my boys last night after buying our Christmas tree. Note that the tree, in case you miss it, is in family car #2. Family car #1 is, of course, Dan's bicycle. Christmas sort of creeps up on you in London since there is no Thanksgiving holiday to officially kick it off. I was starting to worry, but it just arrived a week late. Gradually there were trees to buy and lights decorating the street. I felt very "When Harry Met Sally" stopping along the street at the floral market a few blocks from our flat to buy the tree and lug it home. But I guess in the movie there was a beautiful white Manhattan snow falling, and we had a nice, soft, gray London drizzle.

We got the tree home, freed it from it's mesh, and had to laugh a bit. It's definitely the closest thing we've ever had to a Charlie Brown tree. But it fits in our living room on the end table just right, and will be just the right backdrop to the few ornaments we have collected here. Quinton and I just put the lights on it while Elliot is at school, and it's already endearing itself to me.

The boys were beside themselves upon waking this morning, having discovered the tree had been moved to the living room and all of our stockings were hung. Elliot was convinced Santa had come to help start our decorating, and we certainly couldn't squash that notion. The beautiful wonderment of childhood.

Aside from the beginning of the holiday rush, we are also preparing for the school's annual Winterboogie this weekend. What is a Winterboogie you ask? It's the school's annual holiday fair.....live music, silent auction, craft sale....your basic fund raiser. I volunteered to coordinate the children's activities for this event, knowing I was capable but not overly thrilled with the job. However, I knew it would throw me into getting to know people, which it indeed has. But it also has required a lot of extra running around this week to organize and buy items and get ready to bake a million biscuits for the children to decorate. Saturday morning I will stir up a zillion pounds of icing to go with the million biscuits. Oh, well. All for a good cause. And who doesn't need a little extra boogie in their life?