We've been boogied.


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Yesterday was the boys' school annual Winterboogie. This made for a very delightful and long day. It began with me in my wellies and pajamas out in our garden clipping greenery to take to deck the hall. Thank goodness Dan didn't decide that was a nice photo opportunity.

My friend Clare & I arrived at the hall around 9:30 with heavy and huge bags full of biscuit decorating and candle decorating supplies, along with a bin bag full of freshly clipped greenery. And then let the fun begin. Table hauling, greenery hanging, lantern lighting....the hall was completely transformed into a very enchanting place. It truly was a special day for all involved, unlike any other school function I had experienced. There were various children's activities, live Irish jig music, story telling, an enchanted space, a tombola (children pay one pound to pick a surprise small present out of a huge apron filled with pockets, worn by one of the dads), a silent auction, hand-made crafts for sale, the school shop, international cuisine......the list goes on. Elliot had his face painted for the first time ever, and joined the other little tigers, leopards and beasts running and dancing about. We've discovered that everyone knows Quinton, that child has an embarrassing amount of charisma at just three years old. He met up with his older woman Martha, a tall, cool eight year old blonde who has taken to him.

Dan was Daddy Extraordinaire all day, chasing the children about and bringing me food and drink while I worked the various activity stalls. They left finally around 4:00, the boys bribed by permission to watch a movie when they got home. I dropped into the flat sometime after 5:00, spent and satisfied with the day, and again amazed by the wonderful people and amount of love and devotion to this school.