Good for my soul

So for a few years now I've been creating this list in my head of things that are good for the soul. You know, those things that stoke the fire in your belly and make you feel alive all over. Time to capture my list: * A run in the rain. And not a drizzle. The kind where I come back in, dripping everywhere and someone I love smiles and hands me a towel.

* Weeding my garden.

* A good old-fashioned bicker. Not a fight, a heated discussion that leaves me wondering if maybe that other person has a point?

* Shoveling the snow.

* A good laugh over coffee with one of my girls.

* A hard cry on one of my parent's shoulders.

* A spontaneous hug from a child who loves me.

* An hour of yoga where I feel light as a feather instead of like I am dragging my body through wet cement. Of course the cement kind is probably good for me, too.

That's it. The list could go on, but then it loses something.