The Prince Edwards Theatre

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Yesterday we started the Steeves Family Christmas. We picked the boys up early from school, them unaware (oh that is so much fun!), and took them home where they discovered tickets to the Mary Poppins matinee. The show is closing here in January, and plays at the Prince Edwards Theater in Leicester Square, theater central for London. A Broadway caliber show, although they would probably be offended at the comparison!

I cannot explain how satisfying it is that my children, my boys, will sit through...completely captivated.....a three hour live theater production. The show was outstanding, it just doesn't get better. I'm always shocked at ticket prices, and then mid-show am reminded that it's worth double. The music, the talent, the sound, the dancing, the special fabulous. And Elliot, bless his sweet heart, is moved to tears at every live show we see, he is literally transported. And I have to say I had a few tears myself, although I'm not sure why. The experience is just so moving, I guess.

Anyway, it was a great afternoon for our family. Next weekend my favorite partner in crime is taking me to see the Billy Elliot musical for my birthday. Can't wait!