Happy London Christmas


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Yesterday we celebrated our own family London Christmas together, mostly in an effort to take less presents with us home. We had a really nice and relaxing day, the boys having a blast opening their presents from Mommy & Daddy. Santa (or shall we say Father Christmas?), of course knows that we will be in North Carolina on Christmas this year, and will be bringing presents there.

For Christmas this year I got my annual lose-my-voice cold. Seriously, this is the third year in a row, right on time for the holidays. If only I felt as sexy as my voice sounded! Maybe Santa is doing an annual reminder to talk less, or perhaps, as my sister Julie pointed out yesterday, I'm becoming allergic to my birthday. A point worth considering . . . .

And I finally have to point out - you can see it in the background of this photo - my London nemesis. It's the couch. It was here when we arrived - in bright white upholstery. Can you imagine two young boys and a white sofa?? It's from IKEA, meant to have a slip cover, never had one and now the model is discontinued. So I have fashioned a slip cover out of three large pieces of fabric, which are constantly needing to be re-tucked, pulled and shoved. They are also on the receiving end of a rather colorful stream of language from my mouth. There are probably worse things in life, I realize.

So just a week until we leave for the United States! I'm sure it will feel rather bizarre when we land and enter the airport. The boys are dying to get in the snow that has been dumped across Minnesota and Wisconsin. I'm dying for an eggnog coffee and a tumble dryer. And I'm pretty sure my dear husband is dying for his mountain bike.

Happy London Christmas to all, and to all a good night!