Wintry Wonderings

I've decided that the primary difference between winter in London and winter in Minneapolis is this: winter in Minneapolis arrives quite suddenly and dramatically. Much like the obnoxious drunk relative that arrives at the family function - rude and quite proud of announcing themselves. Winter in London is like a toddler who has crept unknowingly into your lap for a cuddle while you chat with a friend. You look down and wonder, now how and when did you get here? First I was wearing short sleeves, then gradually the layers have been building, and now we're into full-blown hat, scarf, mitten and loads and loads of wool weather - our best defense against the London damp. Jack Frost (or "Jack Frosting" as the boys call him), that wicked and sneaky sprite, has been spending his nights painting away and creating what I have discovered to be a rather dangerous London phenomenon - black ice......everywhere. It must be all the humidity in the air (forget smooth hair here, ladies!) and the just above freezing temperatures. The sidewalks, paths and roads have this slickness. I almost fell multiple times on the way to school this morning. Elliot just skated along, singing his Jack Frost song from school. Something about nipping toes and noses. Probably a good thing to help prepare us for the sudden shock we are sure to get when we land in Madison!