We two kings of North Carolina

King costumes from Nana

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Aside from our journey to get here and a trip to urgent care, Christmas in NC has been a huge success. The boys have been having a blast playing with all of their cousins, and as you can see from this photo they received some pretty cool stuff. Arlene made these king/prince costumes for them and they are quite a riot.

The four of us have turned a new corner in our ability to relax while we travel. We are sharing one big bedroom......everyone stays in their own bed, everyone sleeps........no musical beds, no middle of the night aerobics. Happy sigh. This is a good thing. We also went to church on Christmas Eve with no snacks, no coloring books, no toys. The kiddos sat through it all, well-behaved and only two trips from the Q Man to go potty. Despite the traveling woes and time, we have had the most relaxing visits to both of our families we've ever had.

So...the quick highlights on the traveling woes and urgent care. Our trip to NC from Madison consisted of two delayed flights, one missed fight, our family getting flagged for extra security (ever seen a three year old standing spread eagle getting a pat down?), and Elliot throwing up three times. Total time: app. 18 hours. Going back to London would have been easier. Yesterday we took Elliot to urgent care for his unrelenting cough. Diagnosis was walking pneumonia in the left lung. More meds for that and hopefully some quick healing.

Tomorrow it's off to Minneapolis with us for some much-awaited visits from friends, and a happy return to our home after four months.