Settling in?

Being back in London feels fabulous. It was a relief to all of us to get here, and somehow it feels like home for now. Things are familiar and you could actually see some of the stress leave our bodies. But having said that, I have an important statement for the record. Jet lag sucks. Especially flying back this way.....your body constantly feels as though it is earlier than it actually is. Thursday night - no sleep on the plane. Friday night - Quinton & Dan are awake from midnight to 3 to watch Fast Times at Ridgmont High and eat a snack (please don't judge the parenting choices made from jet lag induced states of desperation). Saturday night - Elliot is awake from from 11 to 2. Last night - Quinton is awake from 11 to 12. All of these nights have also included some version of the four of us not in our own beds. Good grief. I'm praying for a normal one tonight, whatever that means. Dan's cousin Heather and her boyfriend Joe are in town on a school trip. We met them yesterday in the city for some site seeing. St. Paul's Cathedral, lunch and the Tate Modern completed our afternoon. We really enjoyed the time, and it was wonderful to be out walking again. And you can't beat 50 degrees and sunshine after the temperatures we left in Minnesota!

This morning it was back to school for the kiddos. I had to wake Quinton which is a bit like stirring the beast from his lair - you really want to avoid it at all costs. He perked up over breakfast and then things quickly turned south when I informed him he had to borrow waterproof pants for school from his friend Tenshi for a couple weeks - pink ones. We are waiting for the boys' pairs to arrive via shipments from America. Hysterics ensued, as he informed me that he needed his OWN pants, and that they needed to be BLUE. Oh dear. He has definitely studied the "3 Year Old Handbook" well and aced all subjects. We'll see if Emma can work her magic on him today. Elliot is hanging in there, for the most part happy to be back and was quite excited to see school this morning. Emma informed him that he is now "Big Elliot" because a younger Elliot is joining the class. He processed this with a small smirk.

As for me I'm doing my best to take my own advice today. Be calm, Darcie (inhale, exhale) present (inhale, exhale) kind (inhale, exhale)......