Enjoying (or coping with?) Down Time

We've had a bit of a week here at 43 Church Lane in London. The post-holiday-travel crash occurred, which meant the children were cranky and Dan & I could have slept 24 hours a day. Elliot had a hard week at school trying to navigate some difficult 6 year old boy play. But on the up side my to-do list has shrunk to only the basics, which means I have extra of that elusive and very desirable entity called TIME. Because of all this my emotional pendulum has been swinging between relaxed bliss and a darker place of loneliness and worry on a regular basis. My husband LOVES this, especially since I tend to be the stable one in the family. Silly Smooshed Noses

In an effort to stabilize and amuse myself I've been doing a few things, including taking silly pictures of myself and Quinton, each one with a new pose imagined by him, and then giggling as we admire ourselves (please note that a three old will do this for hours if allowed). We've also made a little and very Waldorf-y seasonal tableau, with some winter gnomes, cold weather loving plants, and of course King Winter to reign over it all (complete with his icicle cape and wild snowy hair. . . I'm afraid this is the closest I will ever get to playing dolls in my house).

A Wintry Tableau

BUT, the most magnificent distraction of all has been planning a trip to Paris for me and my girlfriend Deb, who is arriving in less than two weeks to stay with us. She is leaving her household of testosterone (3 boys + 1 husband) to come to mine for just over a week. We are, to say the least, quite beside ourselves with excitement. We are taking the Eurostar train to Paris, which is just a couple hours ride, and staying in the Eiffel Tower quarter for three nights. Three nights and days minus all of our extra boy-baggage. Not that we don't love and adore them all - but COME ON! Three nights and days in Paris just the girls! We can do museums, gardens and shop to our hearts' content, all the while calling each other "Mademoiselle" in place of "Madame." I feel a croissant coming on.

Eiffel Tower