The Dreaded Norovirus

Norovirus Strikes

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Well, it's sweeping the UK and now my house. The norovirus is that annual stomach virus that always claims hundreds of thousands of victims. I've read that it started around the holidays in the UK and is having it's most successful year yet. Congratulations to it. GP's are telling people to PLEASE NOT COME IN, STAY HOME, HYDRATE, and consult with us OVER THE PHONE. Apparently it's contagious.

Dear Elliot was the first to be claimed here last Friday, followed by Dan Tuesday evening and Quinton yesterday. Quinton seems to believe that if he dresses like royalty (in his king costume tunic he insists on wearing over his pajamas) the virus might vanish out of respect or something. Dan, despite feeling better, has been instructed to not come to the office. Every day at school I get report of another child down.

I feel like the last man standing. Fighting some queasy, but not succumbing. I have been praying, meditating, hydrating, vitamin supplementing, doing yoga and every other thing known to boost my immune system. Oh, and did I mention washing??? The washing machine is going to start spitting things back out at me and my hands are so clean I could perform surgery at a moment's notice.

My friend Deb is due to arrive on Tuesday, and I just pray it's all over and disinfected by then. Thank God she's a nurse, she's the only one I know who will probably be able to take it all in stride without too much worry. God bless her.