Will you be my V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E?

If you will you'll surely know how happy I will be......sugar spice and all things nice that's what you are to me...... This is a little ditty from our childhood that Niki & I call and sing to each other every Valentine's Day. It's always worth a good laugh, especially since neither one of us carries a tune that well (but maybe I should just speak for myself). This year's circumstances have me in the same time zone, so I was able to beat her to the punch early this morning.

Shall we say the romance was just a tad lacking this year? For starters, Dan is in Atlanta working. My mom is here to hang with me and the boys. The day started with shoveling three inches of snow (I swear, I'll never brag about the warmer London temps again) while the boys slid up and down the hill in our front lawn. Then we took them to see the 3-D Hannah Montana movie. Now there's a little afternoon stimulation for ya. We ended the evening with a candlelit dinner, complete with fancy glasses for the boys to drink their lemonade. A pretty decent day, especially if you happen to be six or three years old.

We are pseudo-settled back into our house for our earlier-than-planned visit. The boys have been out in the snow every day sledding their sweet little brains out and we've been thoroughly enjoying visiting neighbors and friends. Hopefully the end of February will bring our return to London, and our British routine. The boys need a boost to those adorable British accents that are slowly fading. Quinton is going to start telling me he needs to go potty in the bathroom instead of having a wee in the loo. And as for me, I'm desperate for a nice hot cup of tea and a proper lie in.