Packing Woes

So yesterday was a hard day. Very hard. Finished packing, shipped boxes, Dan discovered his bicycle had to go FedEx (in place of USPS) for too much money. Said more goodbyes. Sigh. Buzz Lightyear and Woody are dear friends which cannot be left in Minneapolis. Dan said he's at the post office yesterday and he's hearing the muffled "Reach for the sky!" and "Buzz Lightyear to Star Command...." coming from inside a tightly packed box. What a riot - we've decided Toy Story 3 will be Woody's & Buzz's adventures in London. Elliot comes out last night after being tucked in and says "Hey Dad - can I have Woody?" "Oh, sorry Elliot, Woody got on a plane today at the post office and is on his way to London." "Oh.....(pause for processing) the plane coming back to get us?" God I love that boy.

So early this morning after a tearful walk with my dear friend Steph (much too sore for running after yoga last night) the FedEx man pulls up with our passports. Another sigh of relief and more falling into place. packing, walks to say more goodbyes, and closing up the house. Wow. We're moving to London.