Feelin' the love

I'm just back from Target and have taken a hit of NyQuil to do battle with an impending cold, so apologies for any nonsensical chatter. Dan & I sit here on our sofa in Minneapolis, each with our laptop. Jammies are donned, and the boys lay a-snooze. Heat is blaring away to keep us snug from the Minnesota winter outside. Speaking of....damn my run was cold this morning! I expected 25 degrees and was whacked in the face with sub-zero wind chills when I stepped out. I awoke in a hurry and tried to not curse the fact that I was not headed up to Ally Pally to take in a London view. So I have an ooshy-gooshy-mushy shout out tonight. I'm convinced that I have the most amazing peeps in the whole world. It started with Deb & Hatem helping us get out of Europe with a shred of sanity and has not stopped since. Friends have bought groceries, offered babysitting services, made it out for last minute birthday parties, drug me along as a guest for free yoga, listened to me bitch about not being back in London yet, enrolled my three year old for a few days of preschool, called hundreds of times to check in, given countless hugs and various other gestures of love and kindness. Then comes the fam. My mom spent a week here to help out, or shall I say endured the mood of our house the first week we were back. This involved my dad making two trips up here and back. Dan's parents and my sister and brother-in-law changed their vacation plans to London around so graciously I could cry. A visit to my parents' house last weekend included quite a few family members showing up to hang out, and my sister rolling around out in the snow with my children for over an hour. My brother Greg called last week out of the blue to just "cheer me up."

I read the other day that life is what happens while you are making plans. Now isn't that the biggest truth of all? I'm doing my best to minimize the planning while we are here and instead soak up the love and life that is whizzing around me (most of the time in tiny six and three year old bodies!). It's a pretty blessed and privileged life we have. I try with everything I have to not take it for granted. Even when I am whining about being on the wrong side of the ocean (sometimes I just can't find those big girl pants).