Back in London, to get an education.

Big Ben

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I write from 43 Church Lane, Flat A. Oh how I love this horrible white couch with the fashioned slipcover. It's good to be back, to say the least. The boys even slept a bit while we crossed the Atlantic this time, and we entered the UK with just a little extra love from immigration on my part.

Yesterday both Steph and Suz were at our house for the morning send off. We were saying our sad-to-be-parting-for-five-months goodbyes when Elliot gave Suz a big hug and headed out to the car. Dan was getting him buckled up and he says, "Dad, I'm going to London to get an education." "Why do you say that, Elliot?" "Because Christopher Robin says that's where you're going when you say sad goodbyes." God bless his sweet little soul. We had just been a couple weeks previous to see "The House On Pooh Corner" in Hopkins.

So here we are for the final months of our London education. My spirits have already perked up. But that's not hard when the weather is so mild you can hang the sheets outside on the line your first day back.