It ain't over till it's over.

London Jet Lag

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Silly little Darcie girl for thinking that the drama of our last month was over after our fairly uneventful trip back to London yesterday. The boys slept for twelve hours last night, I awoke thinking....finally, some peace and normalcy.

Well the fat lady is singing her heart out today! My boys don't feel so hot when they fly, and as a result we cannot get them to drink enough water. So after their big sleep they both slammed a ton of liquid and proceeded to vomit it right back up. The beauty of a little dehydration. Needless to say, they are not back at school like we hoped they would be today, but they are finally eating and drinking.

Amidst catching puke in pans my bicycle commuting husband calls and says "There's no good way to say this." I think......damn, he's got to work late already, has to go out of town or something like that. Oh no, that would have been good news. "I fell off my bike on the way to work and a bus ran over my hand."

Several text messages and a phone call later I have assessed that he miraculously has no broken bones in his hand, but he does have a cut between his thumb and forefinger which was stitched. He has to see a specialist in a couple weeks to make sure there is nothing worse going on in his wrist. The bike is fine, apparently it was a light fall, his hand went out, and the bus couldn't stop in time. OUCH. Thank God it wasn't his head that "went out."

I think Nurse Darcie will be getting in some overtime today. And who knows, maybe my shrink will get a call!