Home Sweet Home

I believe we have recovered (mostly) from Thursday's jet lag and bus smooshing traumas. The boys are energetic enough to be fighting and eating us out of house and home, and Dan continues to use the Franken-Claw more and more. It's sort of become the household science project. Each day it's like, "What does the claw look like today? What color is it?" I'm going to draft a version of Dr. Seuss's "My Many Colored Days" with the claw as the focus.

Friday brought a return to school, and what a joy that was. The boys were shouting "Good morning Ally Pally!" and skipping the whole way. I have to admit I joined them. We were embraced, literally and figuratively, with so much love upon our arrival that I was quite overwhelmed. The boys were as well, especially Elliot, but by the end of ring time they were off and playing as if we were never gone.

Dan's cousin Jessie arrived Friday evening with her friend Megan, who is studying in Cambridge. Dan enjoyed an evening out with them Friday and I giddily tagged along on their trip to the V&A Museum on Saturday afternoon. It was preceded by a long walk through Hyde Park in the 50+ degree weather and me chatting happily to Jessie and the blooming daffodils as I heard "....the hills are alive with the sound of music....." playing. Really, I swear I heard it.

I will never get enough of the V&A Museum. It is chock full of all things beautiful, and I could spend thousands of pounds in the shop. But sshhh....don't let my husband in on that one.

Today wrapped up the weekend and our visit with Jessie with Elliot's next item on his "What I Must See In London" list. We headed out for a brief stop to the National Gallery. My young boys love art museums, now how cool is that? Elliot was drawn to and quite taken with this rather large painting of a curvaceous Renaissance-looking nude woman. He said it was his favorite, and I asked him how it made him feel. He told me "proud." Hmmmmm......now what to make of that?

As we headed out of the Gallery to make our way home we were confronted with the Trafalgar Square St. Patrick's Day festival. The Mayor was giving a little speech and then they let off thousands of green, white and orange balloons while they blasted U2's "Beautiful Day." Big Ben saluted us in the background. London is such an incredible city. It's sweet, sweet, sweet to be back to our home away from home.