We are here!

We have arrived in London, and have successfully landed in our flat with all of our bags. The trip was hard. Very hard. Elliot & Q did not sleep until the last 45 minutes of the flight, only to both of course wake up crying when the plane landed. Mind you this is a "through the night" flight, so this means that none of us slept for the whole night. Next up, passport control. One and a half hour in line. Two children still crying and needing to be carried. I literally sat with them on the floor in my lap while Dan waited in the line. Then, off to claim our bags and customs...no issues there. I literally had to carry one of our children through the entire Gatwick airport. OUCH. No amount of yoga will prepare your arms for this. Our van was waiting for us, and the boys were thrilled to confirm that the steering wheels were indeed on the wrong side of the car.Another hour and a half to Crouch End and the estate agent to pick up our keys. Elliot & I car sick, but hanging in there. Arrival to the flat was very exciting - it's beautiful (well done, Dan) and the boys flew around exclaiming their thrill with their new home. I'll post pictures to flickr soon.

Unpacking, buying dinner, complete exhaustion. We all flopped in bed at 7 pm, waking 14 hours later. More fun then began - Q started puking. I got very intimate with our new washing machine (which holds app. 2 outfits worth of clothing - insert eye roll here) and the clothing line out in the garden. I ventured out myself later to IKEA to get household supplies, navigating getting a taxi and other things. Note: at IKEA in the UK you buy a bag to place your items before you pay.

Despite the difficulties I am elated to be here. The flat and neighborhood are glorious - my immediate impression was a mix of what I know from Manhattan and Amsterdam. The boys are running freely inside and out to the garden, which is filled with many lovely plants and oodles of English lavender. The Brits are lovely and helpful. I may already be picking up an accent. The excitement of the adventure is on. More later.