The Slug

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After a lovely and long night's sleep I fumbled my way to making some more coffee this morning. I lifted my dish rag (which was clean, by the way, but apparently made the perfect dark and cozy cave) to discover....insert shudder here.....a slug on my counter top. Now I have discovered one of these lovely creatures in my kitchen before, but on the floor in front of the garden door. This location made a bit more sense. I have seen them in the garden, in sizes and proportions you do not want to know. There is an advantage, shall we say, to the way Minnesota winters freeze all living things. The fertile soil and temperate climate here in England which make the gardens lush and extravagant also make the perfect environment for all sorts of God's creepy crawly creatures. Out of deference to my friend Suz I won't even mention the spiders I've seen.

It is astounding the questions and comments that can whiz through one's mind in an instant of panic. How did this slug get on my counter top and do I really want to know? Where else has it been? PLEASE don't wiggle like that I can't bear it! Do I let it live? If I don't how does one kill a slug...I certainly can't smoosh it!!! Aaaaaagh! And what IS that dreadful yellow slime??!!

The end of the story is that the slug was delivered back to my garden via kitchen paper towel, the dish rag delivered to the laundry, and the counter top received a thorough washing.

So my original intention of this blog entry was to chat about our lovely Easter morning yesterday. You'll have to click through to my flickr photo stream if you're interested. The self-therapy my writing creates has helped me overcome the slug trauma of the morning.

And, by the way, the Franken-Claw was given a clean bill of health by the specialist earlier this week. My mad husband is back on his bicycle as I write.