Term Break

Hampstead Heath: Bert's Roses

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The boys are on term break from school, which means I've been doing a lot of activity organizing for us. We're having our easy days and our hard ones, but overall are not ready to kill each other yet. We are excitedly awaiting the arrival of Wayne & Arlene on Thursday morning, who will be spending a couple weeks with us.

So we've been soaking up some warmer temps with a couple visits to area parks. The lovely and delightful pink flowers in this picture are from a tree the boys' friend Bert (short for Albert) collected off the ground at Hampstead Heath on Saturday. We enjoyed a long walk through the heath and mud (thank heavens for wellies and waterproofs!) with friends and ended at the historical Kenwood House for lunch. The highlight for me was seeing some local poodles donned in doggie waterproofs. Seriously....only in England. It was a proper laugh-out-loud-at-the-absurdity moment.

Tomorrow my new washing machine arrives. The old one died, and I've been without laundry capabilities for well over a week. I had a moment last week where there was a bread pudding in the oven baking and I was hand washing Elliot's outfit which had just been through a slide in the mud in our garden. I thought, "Have I arrived on Little House on the Prairie?!" Fortunately there is a place to have your laundry done not a five minute walk away. We dropped off two huge duffel bags on Saturday, and a day and seventeen pounds later we had washed, dried and folded laundry. Nice.

A final snippet. Elliot told me the other day that when he's a grown-up he's going to get married. And then, "I'm going to marry you, Mom." Oh, I love that. Such precious time until he figures out that a different girl will be so much more fun than me!