"To market, to market to buy a fat pig. . .

. . . home again, home again jiggety-jig." I really do love a good nursery rhyme. Virgin Atlantic airlines brought Wayne & Arlene here last Thursday, and along with them some much anticipated Nana & Grandpa love, joy for Dan & I, walks to parks, Twister madness, trips to markets and all around goodness. We've been thoroughly enjoying our days.Nana & Grandpa walkTwister Friday we headed to Muswell Hill to soak up some phenomenal weather at Highgate Wood. We had a nice walk and the boys discovered the fun of the zip line there. I was scolded by another mother when I attempted to help her daughter have a go at the line....she was "too small." I apologized and explained I thought it was ok since Quinton (who was smaller) was doing it. "I know, I saw," she replied rather flatly. I guess I don't win "Cautious Mother of the Year" after all.

Elliot Zip Line

Saturday took us to the Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill. We browsed the stalls, purchasing not a fat pig but some rhubard instead. We also had an interesting experience with a public toilet. It was a big silver cylinder, which had a door that hissed open when you pushed a button, making you feel a bit like you were entering a space capsule. In between "guests" there was a mandatory wait while it disinfected the whole thing. I still haven't decided how I feel about it. The afternoon ended with a yummy lunch at a local Thai restaurant.

Elliot & Arlene at market

I guess in England March flowers bring April snow showers. At least that's what we were surprised with upon waking Sunday morning. Once I got over the irritation of it snowing two days after it was sixty degrees I rather enjoyed the beauty on my walk to the market for some fruit. Another magnificent trip to the V&A Museum with Arlene ended our snowy day.

Hornsey church yard snowsnowy daffodils

Tomorrow night we have a babysitter so that Dan & I can finally redeem part of Wayne & Arlene's Christmas present by taking them out to a show and dinner. A grown-up evening indeed. And this weekend Dan & I are taking a mini-break up to the Cotswolds. The train pulls out Friday afternoon for some much needed time together and returns Sunday evening. We're staying in a B&B in Cheltenham, a village which will allow us to do as much or as little as we want. Perfect.

And while I'm on the subject of holidays I have to mention an exciting update. We finally booked our half-term break family holiday. I've been craving a beach vacation, which actually should be somewhat relaxing with the boys....all that sun and fresh air. And we are going to the Greek island of Crete! Not unusual by European holiday standards but certainly feels quite exotic to us four little Americans. In fact I can hardly stand myself.